Mt. Veeder vineyardsHow high are the vineyards in Mount Veeder?

Vines begin at about 400 feet and extend to 2,400 feet, the highest vineyard in Napa Valley (Mayacamas), and highest winery, at 2,100 feet (Sky Vineyards).

What are the characteristics of Mt. Veeder grapes?


  • High skin-to-flesh ratio
  • Intense flavors.
  • Firm yet supple tannins
  • Exceptional weight & concentration.
wines of Mt. Veeder


  • Reds exhibit dark fruit flavors of blackberry/raspberry (“bramblefruit”), sweet herbal notes and deep stony minerality, with forest flora aromatics.
  • Whites display minerally, luscious stone fruit, hints of citrus and herb aromas and flavors.

The Vineyard

Thomas LaTour Vineyards

Why are there so many grape varieties grown on Mount Veeder?

Apart from Cabernet Sauvignon (64% of production), there are at least 16 other varieties grown on the mountain. The contours of the mountain, the north-south reach, and varying elevations create many “nooks and crannies” where small pockets of vines can be planted. Pinot Noir grapesVariations in sun and wind exposure mean that mist-loving redwoods grow within a few feet of parched madrones. Similarly, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon grows almost side-by-side, yet in entirely different conditions. Syrah loves the windier, more exposed tops. Growers have discovered other small parcels that are well suited to personal favorites like Petit Verdot, Grüner Veltliner, and Albariño.Chardonnay grapes

Mt. Veeder is a unique and historic viticulture district located in the southeast portion of the Mayacamas Mountains, which divide Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Some of Napa Valley’s first wines came from Mount Veeder. The first recorded wine from the area was produced by Captain Stelham Wing and presented to the 1864 Napa County Fair. Commercial scale production began in 1900 when Theodore Geir bought the property that would later become the Christian Brothers' Mont La Salle Winery. By the late 1890's, there were some 20 vineyards and 6 wineries on the slopes of Mount Veeder. Prohibition diminished the vineyards and production was not resumed until the 1950 to 1960. AVA status was granted in 1993.

The Mount Veeder appellation encompasses 25 miles of some of the steepest vineyards and the most remote wineries in California, at the heart of which stands the 2,677 foot-high volcanic peak of Mt Veeder. The rugged characteristics of Mount Veeder produces grapes with intense flavor. The altitude, steep slopes and shallow, volcanic topsoil result in tiny berries with intense flavor concentration yet soft tannins. The region averages between 35 – 50 inches of precipitation per year, and several special climatic conditions provide the vines with a long, cool, even ripening period. Mount Veeder grapes mature slower than their valley counterparts due to the cooler days and warmer nights.

These qualities combine to create the very specific viticultural region that yields Thomas LaTour Vineyards unique multifaceted grapes. The vineyard, located at the top of Mount Veeder, near the Oakville Cross Road, produces Chardonnay, Syrah and Pinot Noir grapes.